Samsung 5 Series 535U3X-A02VN - Notebook


Samsung 5 Series 535U3X-A02VN is a notebook Samsung

Screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels weight: 1520 g weight: 1520 g screen size: 13.3 " have an internal memory of 4096 MB hard disc capacity of 500 GB have an processor of: 2100 MHz hard disk rotation speed of: 5400 RPM operating system provided: FreeDOS operating system provided: FreeDOS processor family: AMD A Series You can use one of these memories: MMC, SD, SDHC, SDXC

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Technical Specifications

Launch date:18/12/12
Display resolution1366 x 768 pixels
Weight53.66 oz (1520 g)
Display diagonal13.3 "
Optical drive type
Internal memory4096 MB
Serial number(model):NP535U3X-A02VN

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Samsung 5 Series 535U3X-A02VN

Samsung 5 Series 535U3X-A02VN